About me

John Tuite

John is a teacher, leadership and embodiment coach, writer, the founder of Clearcircle, and now the Centre for Embodied Wisdom. A qualified Leadership Embodiment Teacher/Coach,  he is a continuing student of master somatic teacher and Conscious Embodiment/Leadership Embodiment founder, Wendy Palmer.

He is also the Senior Instructor of Grandmaster Han Kim Sen of Southern Shaolin Five Ancestors, a centuries-old martial art born in the Buddhist temples of China, integrating all aspects of mind and body work. He has practiced within this tradition since 1974 and is internationally recognised. John has appeared in documentaries and performed at international gatherings in China.

Previously John taught and led in challenging London schools for 18 years, serving on leadership teams in four schools. He was an Advanced Skills Teacher for Westminster. He is an Associate at the London Centre for Leadership in Learning at the Institute of Education.

John’s writing has appeared in many places, including Huffington Post, the Kindness Blog, The Embodiment Journal and the Integral Leadership Review.

Prior to teaching he worked as a builder, an arborist and then a councillor. John now lives in East London with his partner and three children.

Since leaving teaching six years ago John has worked with:-

  • Axialent
  • Strategy, Skills and Planning Unit, Home Office
  • Educational Institute of Scotland
  • Tomorrow’s People
  • GIlbert Scott Primary School, Croyden
  • Hf Chocolates Ltd
  • The Open University
  • Woodbroke College, Birmingham
  • Institute of Education
  • Marjorie McLure Special School, Bromley
  • Buxton All-through School, Waltham Forest
  • The Lammas Sports College and School, Waltham Forest
  • Willowfield School, Waltham Forest
  • Leytonstone School, Waltham Forest
  • Walthamstow Academy, Waltham Forest
  • Goose Green Primary School, Southwark
  • Whipps Cross Hospital
  • London Centre for Leadership in Learning
  • Parentline UK
  • Carefree Kids
  • Connaught School, Waltham Forest
  • Cambridge School, Hammersmith and Fulham

Articles by John Tuite.

Touch as Nutrition.

“Touch could properly be regarded as a form of nutrition…”

On the kindness of things. On Huffington Post.

“…This is a form of basic goodness in the world. An inexhaustible generosity that exists everywhere, dependent only on our skill with awareness, awaiting our arrival in the place we already live in.”

Aayah: Power and Kindness.

“…If children rarely see good, kind adults comfortable with or enjoying their own power and aliveness, should we be surprised that we grow adults who often display a lack of confidence or skill in its use? And that then we have so many examples of power being badly contained and toxic? Or over-contained and ineffective?..”

Getting Back to the Body: Leadership Lessons on Power from the Martial Arts and Somatic Tradition.

“Some twenty plus years ago when I began training as a secondary school teacher, I had a few run-ins with a difficult class or two…”