Leadership Embodiment Intermediate/Level 2

Get your awesome, noble, shiny on.

January 18-19th


with John Tuite and James Knight.

Building on the foundation of the Fundamentals/Level 1, the Intermediate/Level 2 course offers participants a deeper dive and more extended opportunity to explore their patterns and centering practice within more challenging exercises.

Because attendees are familiar with the language and principals we introduce more advanced dynamics into the group. The exercises will continue to be debriefed between individuals and the group.

The Intermediate/Level 2 course will introduce you to:-

  • Working with the wooden practice sword to raise and shape energy, especially when Advocating
  • Working with aligning your 3 centers when speaking: head, heart, belly.
  • Bringing in support to Advocate clearly, inclusively in a way that includes the challenges rather than pushes them away.
  • A deeper appreciation of meditation as a practice for your own development.
This course will be facilitated by two Leadership Embodiment teachers:-

John Tuite.




James Knight.

For more on James, click here.