Embodying Your Yes, No, Or Maybe.

Do you have trouble saying Yes?

Or is it saying No that is difficult?

Does the possibility of exploring an option get crowded out by your habits of saying Yes or No? Does Maybe never get a look in?

Most of us, when we tell the truth, have a difficulty in this area, and we certainly know others who suffer from being stuck in their Yes and lose their ability to shape their life, or who are a kind of permanent No to everything that comes their way, cutting them off from what is alive and moving in their environment.

Saying yes, no or maybe is one of those major human skills that we generally pay no attention to in our development.

Yet what could be more fundamental to our own effectiveness and happiness than skillful deployment of your yes and no! What could be more stimulating than embracing the uncertainty implied by ‘maybe’?

What is more at the hidden heart of skills for leadership, parenting, teaching, and personal empowerment that this basic capacity?

Most of us are more comfortable saying one or the other. Sometimes we can even get stuck in one. Possessing more balance in our ability to speak the full range of yes no or maybe expands our options and increases our ability to make skilful choices rather than habitual reactions.

This course will enable you to say yes, no or maybe more effectively.

We will explore how you bring to them alignment and a larger perspective. We’ll explore your responses to both speaking these key words and being on the end of them. We’ll look at how you may be communicating mixed messages, and how you might work skilfully and compassionately with the conflicts around them.

The course is available as a 2 hour or four hour event, and can be tailored for particular groups or areas.

Say yes to being there!

Contact jtuitelondon@yahoo.co.uk or 07866564216 for details or to explore possibilities.