Articles by John Tuite.

Touch as Nutrition.

“Touch could properly be regarded as a form of nutrition…”

On the kindness of things. On Huffington Post.

“…This is a form of basic goodness in the world. An inexhaustible generosity that exists everywhere, dependent only on our skill with awareness, awaiting our arrival in the place we already live in.”

Aayah: Power and Kindness.

“…If children rarely see good, kind adults comfortable with or enjoying their own power and aliveness, should we be surprised that we grow adults who often display a lack of confidence or skill in its use? And that then we have so many examples of power being badly contained and toxic? Or over-contained and ineffective?..”

Getting Back to the Body: Leadership Lessons on Power from the Martial Arts and Somatic Tradition.

“Some twenty plus years ago when I began training as a secondary school teacher, I had a few run-ins with a difficult class or two…”


Other resources.

Power Posing: Brief Non Verbal Displays Affect Neuroendicrine Levels and Risk Tolerance.

Everyday, science  adds another bit of data or theoretical support for an embodied approach. Here is an article illustrating the power of posture!

And if you want it summed up in a great TED Talk, here is Amy Cuddy:- TED talk by Amy Cuddy on “Your Body Language Shapes Who you are”.

Article on the benefits of Leadership Embodiment, including responses from a number of people, including John Tuite.



A slideshow giving a brief, inspirational explanation of Leadership Embodiment.