How We Stand, Sit or Walk Changes How We Think, Feel and Speak.

How we stand, sit or walk profoundly affects how we think, feel and speak.

And often sabotages our intention to create a purposeful and open presence, take courageous actions or give and receive clear feedback.

Can we become more aware, precise and skilful with our non-verbal communication? Can the way we stand, sit or walk support and inspire our intentions and actions?

This workshop is for anyone who wondered about the impact of their own and other’s body language, breath, posture, breath and tone. In other words the 70-90% of the communications we make that is not verbal.

And gives clear, simple and practical tools for working with these areas.

It is particularly useful for

  • teachers and other professionals for whom communication and visibility are an everyday pressure.
  • anyone who has to give and receive feedback as a regular part of their job,
  • or for people who simply want to inspire, connect and take action, even under pressure.

With simple exercises from theatre, martial arts and mindfulness, this unique session will give you the means to develop greater presence in yourself and others.

This introductory workshop comes as a two 2 hour workshops, or can be delivered as one four hour session.


“Immediately useful and very personable delivery…Time flew by… “a lot of oh yes!” moments.”

“I was able to gain an understanding of how I currently react to things and see how to improve this.”

“…the actual techniques themselves were very useful/interesting to learn.. (appreciated) the calm but friendly delivery of the content..”

“Great to learn new strategies and reconnect with existing practice/knowledge…”

“…learnt about centering and felt it work…not just sat at table- no death by power point…”

“Good positive experience.”