The Practice Of Courage In Everyday Life.

The Character for Courage

A one day course on rediscovering and deepening your courage in the context of everyday life, whether at work or at home or at play…whether in leadership, life or love.

Using a combination of provocative poetry and the embodied practices Clearcircle is known for, this course will help you look beyond your fears and move towards new actions, new futures and new relationships to your self and others.

“Real courage is the ability to stay open and committed in a world that is uncertain and sometimes challenging or fearsome. It’s the ability to take a stand without aggression for something worth fighting for, to hold our own hurting with dignity and grace, to make the scary steps we need to bring our selves more alive, and to stay in service to the people we care about. To find this different kind of strength which meets our individual and collective futures with skillfulness and compassion, we need support and encouragement. On this day we learn to combine the virtues of a strong back and an open front. We learn to resist the pull of a closed down front which hides a collapsed spine. We learn to stay in connection with the world, with ourselves and the people we care about. And we celebrate the continued practice of courage in everyday life.”

John Tuite.