Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals.

Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals.    
February 1-2nd.

With John Tuite.

Venue:- London.

Make yourself just a little more dangerous in the world!

Great leadership is a result not just of what you do, but who you are.

Research points out that what we say only represents a small percentage of what is actually communicated. It also shows that when we are under stress and pressure our body’s built in  response shapes or limits our ability to be confident, access creativity and a generous, empowered presence .

Yet with the right tools and practices allowing us to shift our posture, breathing, and energy in the body, we can change not only how we think and speak, but also recover and deepen our capacity for presence, confidence, aliveness and connection

Leadership Embodiment offers just such  tools and practices, improving how we perform not just in comfortable, undemanding surroundings, but when we are under pressure and stress.

Leadership Embodiment uniquely creates a simulator, using safe, fascinating and mild physical pressures to help us recognise the beginnings of stress patterns and then train the body to be centered while under stress. This enables us to recover and respond more skillfully, access our creativity, confidence and presence even when we encounter stress in our daily lives.


This two-day  LEADERSHIP EMBODIMENT FUNDAMENTALS workshop explores the following questions:-

  • What are we communicating when we stop speaking?
  • How do we powerfully advocate what is needed or our own truth?
  • How do we listen & receive from a place of generosity.
  • How do we handle sudden conflict or intensity?
  • How do I find something stable among constant change and pressure?
  • How do we recognise our own reactive patterns, their strengths and weaknesses under pressure?
  • How can I keep my vision powerful, fresh and invitational to others?
  • How can we stay calm, creative, open & empowered under pressure?
  • How can we embody dignity, compassion & empowerment in our roles as leaders?

‘LEADERSHIP PRESENCE’ explores how we shape our presence under the pressure of everyday work life. It will make you familiar with your signature response to stress and pressure and give you an opportunity to study your unconscious pattern of relating to others. It will empower you to make gentle changes to open up new actions and possibilities. It will give you practices to re-engage clarity, creativity and inclusiveness even when you are experiencing conflict and opposition.

This course gets beneath all the tricks, theories and managerial techniques to explore the fundamentals… how do we shape ourselves amid all the incoming demands to create a leadership presence in which what we say is truly synchronized with our deeper intent.

Cost:- Individuals £150 for weekend. Click here to book now at The Centre for Embodied Wisdom page.

Early Bird Discount available of ONE THIRD off! Book by end of January 15th!

Organisations:- £249

Bursaries are available, and discounts for previous Clearcircle clients.

Contact:- jtuitelondon@yahoo.co.uk or 07866564216.

“Your greatest gift to the world is to get yourself together.”   Wendy Palmer