The Leadership Presence Laboratory.

A unique workshop for leaders who want to strengthen their sense of presence and have more impact, or who want to grow qualities such as confidence, inclusiveness or determination under pressure in how they show up as leaders.

These unique and inspirational workshops give participants: –


  • A clear understanding of the physical, mental and emotional dimensions of creating presence along with practical strategies for growing each of these elements.
  • The chance to explore how they respond to pressure in a safe, enjoyable but precise environment.
  • Simple, practical exercises to understand and explore what they are communicating when they are not talking!
  • Tools to stand, sit, speak and listen with greater alignment and support from their posture, breath and attention.
  • Knowledge of how they might be limiting how their strong authentic presence could come through.
  • Effective tools to grow a more empowered, connected, purposeful and expansive presence.
  • A chance to more clearly articulate their vision or leaders in a way that can inspire and motivate themselves and others.