The Teacher Presence Laboratory.

How can I deepen my presence in the classroom and corridors?

How can I be more present to my students and colleagues?

How can I be more alive, passionate and inspirational?

How can I connect more with my own wholeness as a teacher? And under pressure, stay connected to my classes, my subject, and my inspirations, allowing something bigger to flow through my teaching?

This is a unique one-day workshop for  teachers who want to strengthen their sense of presence and have more impact in the classroom, corridors and conversations, or who want to grow qualities such as confidence, inclusiveness or determination under pressure in how they show up as school leaders or teachers.

This unique and inspirational workshop uses techniques from the theatre, martial arts and mindfulness, as well as a quarter of a century’s experience working as and with teachers. It will give participants: –

  • A clear practical understanding of how physical, mental and emotional dimensions contribute towards creating presence, along with practical strategies for developing each of these elements.
  • The chance to explore how you respond to pressure in a safe, enjoyable but precise environment.
  • Simple, practical exercises to understand and explore what you are communicating when you are not talking!
  • Tools to stand, sit, speak and listen with greater alignment and support from your posture, breath and attention.
  • Knowledge of how you might be limiting how your strong authentic presence could come through.
  • Effective tools to grow a more empowered, connected, purposeful and expansive presence.
  • A chance to more clearly articulate your vision as a teacher or leader in a way that can inspire and motivate yourself and others.
  • Tips on using your voice for greater emotional engagement and in behaviour situations.
  • Tips on using the classroom space skillfully.

Feedback from this course.

“Lots of hands on, practical activities and freedom to give opinion and shape the session.” The course will help me to create a “positive, calming, engaging environment at all times in my classroom.”
                Primary School Teacher.
“I liked that it was practical. There were lots of opportunities to contribute and feedback.”
               Newham Teacher.
This course made a difference “…to my own self confidence in order for me to ensure best quality provision for young children and families.”
             School Senior Leader.
“Great atmosphere, conducive to trust and respect”

“Great teaching communicates not just a subject, but a way of being in the world. Students learn not just from what you say, but from who you are.”

John Tuite.