Mindfulness under pressure in Leadership

The commitment to being present to whatever is arising is at the core of mindfulness. Being mentally alert, emotionally engaged and physically agile are some of the key features. Staying present as a leader allows you to access more information, to stay creative, see the bigger picture and deepen your connection to yourself and the people you work for. Ultimately it makes you more effective and more satisfied.It creates presence and builds relationship.

A powerful set of techniques, It’s all the rage in many quarters.

Yet few  mindfulness courses take the important next step:- how do you stay mindful when you are under pressure, stress and significant challenge? How do we stay mindful in crucial, high stakes conversations and situations?

Understanding how our body and mind can contract under pressure, and learning tools to stay engaged, open and strong in the midst of our daily lives

This course is designed to do just that. You will learn fundamental techniques of mindfulness, and then learn how to sustain or return to mindfulness under pressure. We literally create a safe and fun stress simulator in the course so you may discover and deepen your ability to stay present when it matters most.

Through simple and enjoyable exercises you will learn how to sustain mindfulness in real situations, such as:-

  • receiving feedback
  • taking a stand for something you believe in when their is resistance
  • dealing with uncertain or departing supporters
  • being stopped in your tracks
  • sustaining an intention amid uncertainty

This one day course is suitable for all leaders, both with no prior experience of mindfulness and those with considerable experience. It is suitable for individuals or teams that are looking for greater effectiveness and satisfaction in their leadership.

 To book now or to get further details contact:- jtuitelondon@yahoo.co.uk or ring on 07866564216.