Observing Presence, Confidence & Connection In Teachers.



Can we develop greater presence in teachers? Or grow such qualities as confidence, connection, expansiveness or inclusiveness? Qualities like these are at the heart of the unique presence each teacher can bring to the classroom. But how do we accurately observe elusive and ‘personal’ qualities such as presence, and feedback constructively what we see? And how do we have a skillful conversation that leads to progress?

This unique workshop is for mentors and all observers of teachers who want to help teachers strengthen their sense of presence so they have more impact in the classroom, corridors and conversations. Or who want to encourage the growth of qualities such as confidence, inclusiveness or determination under pressure in how they show up as teachers.

It will give participants: –

  • A clear understanding of the physical, mental and emotional dimensions of creating presence along with practical strategies for growing each of these elements.
  • The chance to explore how they themselves might limit their own presence when under pressure, so that they can spot such reactions in others.
  • A vocabulary to understand, discuss and explore how teachers do or don’t communicate a confident and connected presence in the classroom.
  • Tools to help have the needed conversation with teachers, helping them to stand, sit, speak and listen with greater alignment and support from their posture, breath and attention, growing a more empowered, connected, purposeful and expansive presence.

We also offer one-to-one coaching, lesson observations and detailed feedback, and group sessions for teachers and leaders as part of a Full Supporting Presence package. This is especially designed to meet the requirements of each school, group of teachers/leaders, or any individual.

We welcome exploratory conversations so that we can design the package that is right for your needs.