Life Coaching.

You already feel it! It’s time to make that change, to take that step, to come more alive again. Maybe you have reached a turning point, maybe you are eager to have a more extraordinary life. Maybe for the moment all you can see is the blockages, whether outside or inside. But you are aware that there is a much bigger life waiting to come through you any time soon! It’s time to take back your life!

Life coaching is a powerful way to support yourself in the process of change, renewed growth and adventure. It’s a way to relocate your energy, your creativity and your bigger purpose.

It consists of a series of powerful one to one conversations in which you are deeply listened to. The coach’s role is to ask the questions that open the way to greater clarity and empowerment, to create a space in which you can rediscover your own awesome ability to move towards something meaningful and extraordinary for your life.

You may be offered simple but effective tools to become more confident, open and connected in your life. Connected to yourself, to the people you care about, and to something bigger that is waiting to come through you.

Clearcircle specialises in ‘embodied coaching‘. You will learn simple and powerful techniques to deal more skillfully with the stress and challenges in your life, to take a stand for and move towards what your believe in and to be more deeply connected. Tools that help you move you further towards embodying the qualities you want to show up in your life.

You might have these conversations in person, or by Skype or phone. Either way you will be listened to, you will get the time and space to think through and come to your own decisions about what is right for you, and you will be offered tools for greater purpose, connection and aliveness.

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“When you become more alive, connected, confident and purposeful in life you offer a gift to the world and the people you care for. This gift is simply your own presence and greater effectiveness in making a difference to their lives. If you are not here to do that, then what else is there?”

John Tuite