Autumn has arrived here in London. And fittingly this newsletter offers you a full harvest of events and news.

You’ll find here information about two public Leadership Embodiment weekends I am running in London the next few months, plus an announcement about the launch of the Centre for Embodied Wisdom, an initiative I have been working on over the last year and which now goes public!

Finally there’s a quick head’s up about events in the UK around the launch of Wendy Palmer’s new book and her November visit.

LE Fundamentals/Level 1

My next Leadership Embodiment Fundamentals course in East London is on the weekend of November 2-3rd. I love offering this course which introduces the foundations of all our embodiment work: getting to know our own patterns, rediscovering our capacity to be centered and glorious in the face of pressure, taking a stand for what we believe, and finding more compassion for us all in the face of the world’s demands.If you haven’t done this, perhaps now is the time. If you have, you may wish to return to practice on this weekend. Be great to have you there. Details on the link above.

LE Intermediate/Level 2

Already done a Leadership Embodiments Fundamentals course? With me or others? Take the next step and join James Knight and myself on January 18-19th for the LE Intermediate Course. This deepens and expands the work of the Fundamentals, introducing more challenging exercises and complex dynamics. It enables further exploration of your patterns and capacity to be more centered under pressure. I explore in more detail your three centres, and your ability to be inclusive even when challenged by people or circumstances. Use of the bokken (wooden sword) is also a key and popular part of this course, giving you a really powerful way to mobilise and shape your energy around an intention.  Details on the link above.

Launch of the Centre for Embodied Wisdom.

An exciting, big development. Over the last year I have been working with two very valued, impressive colleagues, James Knight and Anouk Brack. We have just launched a major new initiative:- the Centre for Embodied Wisdom. The Centre’s website is now up, we have a valued and growing Facebook page and we are now offering our first courses to the world. The Centre will be offering access to the full range of Leadership Embodiment courses from Fundamentals and Intermediate, to the LE Retreat and Coach Training. You can find details of all this at the site. We will also be offering courses designed specifically for teachers, parents and business. Eventually we will be offering online courses and have already started giving you access to a range of voices connected to embodiment and wisdom. We’re very excited about it, and hope you will be too.

 As the Centre develops you’ll find many voices and perspectives, courses and resources, all building our ability to embody wise, effective and compassionate action in the world.

 Clearcircle will continue to exist as a vehicle for much of my coaching and consultancy work. But the Centre will now be the main vehicle for my embodiment work. If you are interested in this aspect, please go to the Centre’s site and sign up for our emails. Or join our Facebook page, The Body of Wisdom.

Wendy Palmer’s New book launch.

Many of us here are getting excited about the imminent launch of Wendy Palmer’s third book in the Autumn. It’s called Leadership Embodiment: How the Way We Sit and Stand Can Change the Way We Think and Speak.  Wendy has teamed up with neuroscientist Janet Crawford in the writing of the book, and if you are interested in this fascinating and growing science you’ll be as eager as us to get hold of a copy too.

Wendy is visiting the UK as part of the launch and is doing a public Masterclass workshop on November 9th and an evening event at The Canal Museum from 7-9pm on 13th November.

 Coaching places available.

I have space for some one-to-one coaching over the next few months. If you are interested in this, particularly embodiment coaching, please get in touch now by simply emailing me back. I love having the time to work with individuals and offer them tools to live life more positively, compassionately and effectively.

New blog.

Lastly you can read my new blog on the Centre for Embodied Wisdom site on my daughters Karate lessons, power and kindness. Click here on the link.

That’s it for the Autumn. If there are ways of being of service to you or your organisations, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

 Be well everyone.

John Tuite.